You’ll Get Through It

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Acts 27:13-26
– Paul was in prison for two years for false accusations.
– Two years those who hated Paul, wanted to kill him after vowing not to eat until it was done.
– Paul appealed to Caesar to be free.
– The storm went on for days.  They could not see sun, light, starts, all it did was rain.  And it go so bad they did not want to eat and lost all hope.
– We will get through our storm.
– No one escapes a storm.
– Sometimes the storms that come in our life are because of the decisions we made.
– Some of the things we try to get rid of we think will stop the storm, but “things” did not start the storm.
– Day after day of not seeing any light, the men lost all hope.  We will never get out of the storm.
– Sometimes the storms strip us of all life.
– There comes a time when we have to face the consequences of our decisions.
 – We have to own our decisions, if we don’t own today’s bad decisions, we will keep making them tomorrow.
– Sometimes we have to come face to face with our bad decisions.
– God answers our prayer.  He doesn’t cancel the storm, but He promises that we will get through it.
– The storm will not kill us is the greater revelation.
– We will lose something in the storm as a result of our decisions.
– You will get through the storm, but you will also suffer loss.
-When you suffer shipwreck, you need to watch where you are walking.
– When God promises you will get through the storm, that is an act of mercy.
– God can and will rebuild your ship after the storm, because He has need that you go somewhere else.
– Sometimes our storms are the result of someone else’s decision making.  Sometimes the result of our connections.
– God is not promising that storm will not come, His promise is that you will get through it.