Worry, Fear and Anxiety

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Matthew 6:25-34
– Things we can’t control, uncertain about, frighten us, makes us worry.
– A lot of our worry is rooted in our lack of control.
– Be anxious for nothing. NO THING we should be anxious about.
– Worry is a sin. Anything that God tells us to do is a commandment.
– The magnitude of a thing doesn’t change how God wants us to live.
– Three times in one passage of Scripture, Jesus says do not worry.
– Jesus was emphasizing that we do not need to worry about provision.
– Worry takes away from your life. It does not add to us or put us in a better place.
– Worrying is useless.
– Worrying leaves us in the same place.
– Worrying is faithless.
– We cannot worry and trust at the same time. When worry comes in, trust goes out.
– When we are not anxious, the peace of God is with us.
– As children of God we should not get caught up in things like the world does.
– We must not undervalue who we are to God.
– The relationship we have with God is One of Truth.
– The Truth shall make us free.  From everything – even worry.
– We cannot allow all the noise of the world to take our eyes off God.
– Some of us are losing this battle in life, because we refuse to give up the ball.