What God Has Done

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Genesis 17:1-5; Jeremiah 1:5; 2 Corinthians 1:20; Romans 4:16-21
– We fight from the wrong vantage point.  We need to fight to keep.
– Some of the things we are waiting for, is not for God to do it, but for us to get a different perspective.
– We need to see what is going on in the spiritual world and not the natural.
– God speaks in past tense, it’s already done.
– The enemy wants to steal, but he cannot take from us, what we don’t already have.
– God has done things for us that we don’t even know is ours.
– We don’t fight for our healing, we already have it.  We fight to keep it.
– We have to fight to keep the things we don’t have.
– How do we stay believing God when we don’t see anything? Remember Abraham.
– We have to make up our mind as to whether or not we believe God.
– Belief is tested in the face of a contradiction.
– We must not look at our situations, and call ourselves that.
– Call things that be not as though they were.
– No reason to hope, but yet hoping.
– Do not consider your circumstances.
– We cannot plan and think so much that we limit God.
– We must not stagger at the promise of God.
– We have to be fully persuaded.