Valley Praise

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Psalm 62:1-2; 63:1-8; 34:1

– It’s easy to praise God when we’re on the mountaintop. It emanates from a place of joy.

– Valley praise is different. There are shadows of death in the valley.  Disappointments sorrow, troubles.

– If the God of the mountaintop is worthy of praise so is the God of the valley.

– A valley praise is more authentic than a mountaintop praise. A valley praise comes in spite of.

– David wrote Psalm 63 when he was in the wilderness.

– When we are in the wilderness, what do we say?

– Valleys are a part of our walk.

– Valley praise is not about the external.

– Our praise is essential if we are going to get through our valley.

– All times means ALL TIMES.

– God is with us in the valley.

– The biggest work in our life is not on the outside, it’s the inside.