Two Mothers, Two Babies, One God

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Luke 1:39-45
– Once you know you are carrying a baby, you are a mother.
– God told Mary Elizabeth’s story to help you believe your own story.
– God will share another women’s story with you to help you in your story.
– Of all the women in the world, God chose you to be the mother of yours. They are blessed to have you, you are blessed to have them.
– When Mary stretched out her hands and said be it unto me, she allowed God to live on the inside of her.
– Because she allowed God to live in her, she had the power of God to speak into Elizabeth.
– Mothers carry things. Deep things. God can speak to the deep things.
– It wasn’t what Mary said to Elizabeth, it was the sound of Mary’s greeting.
– It was the sound of the Word. God’s voice is like the rushing of many waters.
– God’s voice sounds a certain way.
– We have not wrestled with God if we are walking the same way.
– It’s in the believing that the blessing comes.
– Many mothers, same God.