The Time Is Now

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Acts 17:10-13; Mark 5:25-34; Luke 13:11-13,14-16, 16:17
– If we are not open-minded to the Word of God, then it is going to be difficult to walk by faith.
– We have to be prepared for the Word (ready to do it).
– We have to take the Word that we’re hearing and do something with it.
– We never have just one issue.
– Jesus calling the woman “daughter” noted they had a relationship, which means we have privilege as such.
– Jesus called her woman, which represented wholeness, before sin entered the world.
– Old Testament, God’s thoughts are not our thoughts.  New Testament, We have the mind of Christ.  Let this mind be in you.
– As a daughter, we have certain rights.
– When God speaks it is up to us, the church, to say amen.
– The time is now for the people of God to get out of the situations we are in.