The Power of Perseverance

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Hebrews 12:1-3, Revelation 3:10, Romans 5:3-4; 1 Thessalonians 5:11; Micah 7:5-7
– To continue on with a course of action, despite the difficulty. (Little or no prospect of success.
– Turn down opportunities to quit.
– Quilters never win and winners never quit.
– Jesus knew why He was hanging on the cross
– The crowd could not shame Him of doing what God told Him to do.
– Part of persevering is despising the shame.
– No one can embarrass you if you refuse to be embarrassed.
– Perseverance is more than showing up.
– Even though it’s spiritual it can be seen.
– Perseverance is demonstrated through action.
– Perseverance really is a key to accomplishment and achievement.
– Perseverance requires fighting.
– We have to fight the right enemy.
– We have to use the right weapons.
– We have to fight until the end.
– We have to keep the faith.
– God says because we have kept the command to persevere, God will keep us.
– Perseverance is a requirement to develop godly character.
– Don’t give up on your dream or promise.
– Surround yourself with people who can encourage you and build you up.
– Don’t forget to encourage yourself.
– Keep your focus on God.
– As we are persevering, where we decide to look will determine our success.