The Name Above Every Name

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Philippians 2:5-11, John 14:12-14,26, 15:16, 16:23-24; Acts 3:1-16, 4:1-2,5-21, 5:15-18,23 -29, 40-41; Mark 13:34, 16:17-18; Romans 4:16-22
– Because of what Jesus did, God has poured everything into this name.
– In Jesus name should not simply mean the end of our prayer.
– When we use the name of Jesus it needs to mean all who Jesus is.
– If we get a better understanding of what is in the name of Jesus, we will more decree things rather than ask.
– In Jesus name, is peace, contentment healing, deliverance. When we ask in His name, we are asking for what we are due.
– The asking is based on the person, character and will of Jesus.
– All of the great names of God are in the name of Jesus.
– Coming in Jesus name, is not coming in anger, nor in unforgiveness.
– Peter understood that Jesus name wasn’t just a tagline. He understood he had something.
– It’s not just the name, it’s faith in the name.
– Jesus left the earth and left us in authority, as His servants.
– It’s the name, and faith in the name that gets it done.
– God does not want our mental ascent, He wants us to walk it out.
– We have to get to a place where we become strong in the faith.