Thank God To His Face

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Psalm 30, 50:15, 34:7, 56:9; James 4:10: 1 Peter 5:6; Exodus 15:24; Hebrews 13:5

– Many nights we may have gone to bed crying, but wake up with joy.
– God does great exchanges. Mourning for dancing.
– Don’t get the big head! It will cause a separation from God and bring sadness.
– As God lifts us up, we have to lift Him up.
– Just because some people have the physical posture of humility, does not mean they have a humble heart.
– Don’t try to get rid of haters, ask God to let you triumph over them.
– We need to ask God for help. Though He sees us, there are yet times that we need to cry out to Him.
– There is a difference between praying and crying out.
– Sometimes when we cry out to God, God will show us something, turning our bitter into sweet…
– Crying out is an act of desperation that you carry out in the spirit of humility and total surrender.
– God never moved, David moved – when he got prideful.
– When we thank God to His face that’s direct thanks.  That’s intimate thanks.
– Thank God to His Face
– We need to thank people to their face.
– When we do something to someone’s face, that makes it personal.
– If God has done anything for you, thank Him to His face.