Seize the Moment

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Judges 6:1-17, 22-23,35-27; Exodus 2:1-4; John 2:16

– Faith operates in the present.
– When we hit rock-bottom, come to yourself, go back to the father.
– We hide behind a lot of things.  God is calling people out of hiding.  You cannot seize the moment and hide at the same time.
– People cannot hide their true sentiments anymore.
– Things that are good start with God.  Failure does not start with God.
– We are living in a time that is going to be written about in the history books.
– God is looking for Gideons to fill in the gap all over the world, so that we can be agents of change in this time.
– When we seize the moment, we will have supernatural strength.
– We are not living right now by accident. It may be for such a  time as this.
– We need to get rid of the idols in our life.