Redeeming the Time

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Ephesians 5:15-17; James 4:13-15; Proverbs 27:1; Luke 12:16-21
– Redeem – Buy up to rescue from loss – regain possession of it.
– We need to regain possession of the time. We have allowed time to get away from us.
– This is an opportunity to consider how we spend our time.
– Some things we will discover that we can do without.
– Time is more valuable than mommy. We can spend money and get it back. We cannot spend time and get time back.
– The One who gives us time is the One we should look to for answers on how to spend our time.
– The One who made us is the One who can fix us.
– If we are going to make most use of our time, we need to ask God.
– The more we have of something, the harder the decisions are.
– The rich fool did not bother to ask God what he should do with his time.