Overcoming Setbacks

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Romans 8:35-37; Psalm 32:2, 51:6, 37:23-24, 145:14:41:10;  Galatians 1:10; Proverbs 16:18, 19:2; John 11:1-4,39-40,43; Micah 7:8


– If we love ourselves, we ought to be ourselves.

– One of the things we can do to avoid falling is being ourselves.

– When we try to be someone that we’re not, we’re operating in a spirit of deceit.

– We need to be true to who we are.

– We can please God by being who He made us to be.

– We can fall when we think we know more than God, by doing what we want, instead of what God tells us to do.

– When we fall, we have to realize there is a reason we fell in the first place.

– When we fall, we need to consider where we are before we try to get up.

– Glory takes time.

– There’s no success without a failure.

– We don’t need a lot of people; all we need is one.

– God will pick us up when we fall.

– We fall down, but we get up.


  1. Be Yourself.
  2. When you fall take your time getting up.
  3. If you fall, realize that you will rise again.