Of Things To Come

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John 16:12-13, 14:17,26, 17:17; Exodus 10; Genesis 18:1-8,17-21, 24:12-15; Isaiah 45:11, 46:10, 65:24

– It’s advantageous that the Spirit comes.  The Word of God is a separator.

– We never just want to be separated from something (separated from the world), we want to be separated to something.  Separated to the peace, joy, triumph of God.

– God will tell us of things to come so that we can intercede.

– Once Abraham was told of things to come, he interceded.

– God does not tell some of things to come because they don’t know what to do. Or they will use it the wrong way.  God wants to share His plans with us.

– We are in a better position than Abraham.  We have better promises.

– If we don’t press into the advantage, we are going to miss out on what God is doing or what is to come.

– God reveals things unto us.

– God says if we want to know God’s will concerning our life, ask Him.

– Only God declares the end from the beginning,

– God will speak to you anywhere, anytime. But how much He speaks is up to us. We have to allow Him access.

– While we are yet speaking, God answers.  Even if we don’t speak, He answers.  God wants us to know things.