Occupying the Silence

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Hebrews 1:1-2, 11:6; Ecclesiastes 5:3; Romans 4:16-18; Mark 11:24; Luke 5:17-18, 25-26

– Speak only if you improve the silence.

– Filling the silence often reveals a lack of confidence or over-confidence.

– Self-assuredness is always measured.

– If God has not said He will do it, He is under no obligation to perform it.

– What God thinks is in no comparison to what you think.

– God chose a strange way to save the world. It caused people to stumble in their belief.

– When we don’t believe, we are actually working against God.

– Without any reason to do so, we hope. We believe. God honors that.

– If we have a believing problem we will not get to receiving.

– Believing and receiving are connected.

– We cannot improve upon God ordained silence.

– God operates on an entirely different level.

– Believe God in the midst of the silence.

– Fill the silence with faith. Fill the silence with belief. Fill the silence with your confession.

– The power of God is present, but if you do not believe nothing will change.


– The best way to occupy the silence is with wisdom.