Mother’s Day. Remembering Mama

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Genesis 21:1-2, 30:22-23; 1 Samuel 1:19-20
– No one can fill the void of a Mom.
– Mothers represent unconditional love, support, nurturing, forgiving nature, proud of our achievements, most loyal.
– Moms are irreplaceable. Biggest supporters and best friends.
– Mom knows how to keep a secret.
– Only moms can kiss a boo-boo and make you feel better.
– Moms teach us things.
– Moms nag you for your good.
– We don’t have to wait until our mom passes away to remember her.
– We can remember our mom simply by keeping our word.
– God remembered Sarah by keeping His Word.
– God remembered Rachel by listening to her.
– God remembered Hannah by answering her our prayers. Giving her what she deeply desired.
Isaiah 66:13
– God comforts us as a mother comforts her child. A mother’s love comes from God.