Maundy Thursday

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Luke 22:14-20, 39-43; John 13:1-15,31-35

– Jesus instituted Communion on Thursday.

– Communion can be taken at any time.

– Relationships are not about rules. Religion is about rules.

– Jesus gets upset when we make it harder to worship.

– We have to get comfortable with not knowing. God will reveal what we don’t know hereafter.

– We have to avoid doing things just because of a ritual.

– We may be in authority over others, but God expects us to have a heart of servant leadership.

– God commands us to love one another as Jesus loved us.

– Communion, Servant Leadership, Love, Humility is what Jesus taught on Maundy Thursday.

– Humility is choosing God’s will over our own,

– When we walk in humility, heaven shows up.