Make Me A Cake First

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(1 Kings 17:8-16;16:30,34)
– We have to be careful of what we show people (especially as leaders).
– King Ahab infected other people’s beliefs by disbelieving God.
– A lot of us have been to Zarephath (ambush of the mouth).
– Once we receive the Word of God we are in a position to be changed.
– Just because we are in dire circumstances, doesn’t excuse us from obeying the commandment of God on our life.
– In the widow’s dire circumstances she yet obeyed God.
– She went from a place of not enough to a place of more than enough.
– To get to a place of more than enough, you have to be generous with the little you have.
– If we don’t make cake, we won’t get cake.
– It’s not up to us to determine who makes our cake, God does.
– Cake making is well doing.  Doing good things.