Living By Faith , Part 12 “Faith to Stand”

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Daniel 3:16-30; Exodus 20:2-5
– One of the hardest things for us to do is to be quiet. We don’t have to answer everything.
– A great sign of power is restraint.
– We have to learn to let God fight our battles.
– Our faith should be in God’s ability.
– Is our faith in God’s ability or is it in will God do it?
– Sometimes God does not do what He is able to do.
– We need to have God-based ethics and not situational rurality.
– Taking a stand for God requires faith.
– We need faith to refuse to bow.
– We need to make sure the Word is in us.
– No one can bind us if God wants us free.
– It’s our obedience and our faith that brings the fire.
– We need to refuse to take the easy way out.
– We have to remember that God will be with us in the fire.
Isaiah 43:1-3
– We may be in the fire, but God will get us out.