Keep Doing Your Part

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John 21:15-22
– Now is not the time to give up.
– God asks us questions to unravel or undo the things we have done grievous to Him.
– We are worried about what other people do or their relationship to God, more than our own. Or when Jesus tells us what our role is.
– How we fulfill our role will determine what mark we leave on society.
– We all have a role to play. We may have some overlap, but we are all unique in His plan.
Colossians 3:17-24; Ecclesiastes 9:10
– We are to put all our effort into the things we do for God.
– When we go about our life to do what we do to please the Lord we are storing up treasures in heaven.
– Refuse the temptation to focus on other people and the role others have to play.
– The danger of comparison is that we compare their perceived best with our worse.
– Comparison is the thief of joy.
– Our comparisons are based on limited knowledge.
Matthew 20;
– We must not get caught up in somebody else’s “anything” but instead look at Jesus.
John 14:10
– If we need to talk at anyone or compare ourselves to anyone, we should look at Jesus. He is both our example and our encouragement.
– It is God’s desire to bless us in the role we have.
Jeremiah 29:11; Psalm 27:13; Genesis 27:30-38
– God is not short on blessings. There is a blessing with your name on it.