I Need A Blessing, Part 5 (The Blessing)

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Matthew 14:19-21; Mark 6:42; Luke 12:13-21; Psalm 91:16; John 10:10, 6:11-13; 2 Samuel 12:7-8

– Jesus takes what we give Him and multiplies it.

– If we hold onto what we have, we give God nothing to work with.

– People would rather hold on to what they have, than giving it to God.

– The way to get from less to more, is to give what you have.

– We need to learn to be rich toward God.

– God wants to do things in the earth, but He needs His people to get in line with

His plan.

– God wants to satisfy us.

– We need to set the bar of hope higher.

– God gives us as much as we want.