I Need A Blessing, Part 4 (The Surrender)

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Matthew 14:16-18; Psalm 116:12; Luke 6:38, Luke 5:1-7; Mark 6:38-39; Exodus 4:1-5

– We need to render unto God. Surrender what we have to Him.

– We can never get to the place of victory without surrendering.

-In order to hold onto something it requires a closed hand.

– A closed hand can’t receive.

– The receiving position is the giving position.

– When we let go of stuff, God turns around and gives you more.

– Whatever you plant, you will get back.

– Whatever it is that we need, we need to surrender that to God.

– The key to receiving a blessing is letting go.

– God makes sure we sit on green grass.

– If we would simply let go of what we have, there will be no question that God is with us.

-It doesn’t matter what we give to God, it only matters if it is surrendered.