God in the Image of Man

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Judges 18; 17; 1:21,27,29-34
– God provided a promised land for every tribe except the Levite. God expected the people to take care of the Levite, represented of Him.
– Because the people did not recognize God as king, they made one themselves.
– If we don’t remove the sinful things in our lives, we will not recognize God as king.
– When you are not committed to God you will go to the highest bidder.
– There are too many hirelings in the vineyard of God.
– We can have the right family name, the right spiritual heritage, lineage, a historical relationship with God, but do you acknowledge God as king?
– When we do what we want and think it is okay to do something, we are making God in our image.
– When God is not on the center of our heart, we create our own idols.
– When we don’t recognize God as the true and living God, we search for what is beneficial for us, instead of what God has ordained.
– When God is not your king, it becomes all about self.
– When you don’t recognize God as king, your worship is counterfeit, you look for the easy way out.
– Too many of us walking around like God didn’t make commandments, He makes suggestions.
– Can’t be true worship if the God we worship is made in our own image (or somebody else’s).
– If you can pick your God up and move Him around, your God has no power.
– We want to avoid, runaway from, any God made in the image of man.