For Now I Know

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John 3:16; Romans 8:32; Genesis 22:1-18; 21:12

– Love is an action that flows from a decision. God made a decision to create us,

– Because God is great, His actions are not fully appreciated.

– The best obedience is immediate.  Delayed obedience turns into disobedience.

– Commitment is shown over time.

– When we have the opportunity to back out and we don’t, our commitment is revealed.

– In the midst of our circumstance, purpose to continue to speak words of faith.

– Even though the situation looks contrary, we have to remember what God told us.

– We need to know God will provide Himself.

– Just because God told us something, we have to keep listening.

– Sometimes we don’t know something, until someone shows you with their actions.

– For now I know that God loves me because He gave His son.