Follow His Lead

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Luke 8:51-56; 9:11-15; Matthew 9:5-6, 11:28-30; Acts 9:36-42

– God hears your silent cry.
– We convince ourselves that loud and long represent power.
– If we go into a service and all we come away with is being impressed by the preacher, then that service has done us a disservice.
– We need to come before God broken, so the glory of God can be seen.
– Jesus is going to dos omething.
– Jesus did not use a lot of words to perform the miracles He did.
– Two little words from Jesus can make our spirt come again.
– When we arise we change our position.
– If we are in the right position we can speak quietly and briefly and yet have power.
– Arise, come into being.  To move upward, to ascend.
– Jesus is calling us to walk, work and watch.
– Walk with Him, stay in agreement with Him.
– Walk with Him, cooperate with Him, do what He tells us to do.
– Watch how He does it.  Follow the lead of Christ.
– Learn. Watch to learn.
– If we are impressing man, we are failing him.
– Peter did what Jesus did when he put the people out and spoke what Jesus said.
– Peter is an example of walking with, working with and watching Jesus. He learned and walked with the power Jesus did.