Facing and Overcoming Challenges (Part 3)

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Sermon Notes

1 Samuel 17:32,11,24-51; Matthew 16:5-9
– Challenges come to our lives and many of us get scared.
– We must not run away from our problems.
– We must not make the mistake of magnifying our problem.
– We have a covenant with God. We have promises from God.
– We have to remember we have a relationship with the true and living God.
– When we are facing challenges and obstacles, many times we have to overcome opposition from those closest to us.
– Whatever obstacles we are facing, we must not worry.
– It’s important that we remember what God has done.
– When we face challenges and obstacles we can’t always do what someone else has done.
– Don’t try and fight your problems with your own strength.
– We can’t overcome our challenges and obstacles if we don’t run out to meet them.
– Use your mouth to bring things to pass.  Confess your victory before you even get started.