Catching the Vision

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Proverbs 29:18;  2 Corinthians 4:18, 5:7; Genesis 13:14-16,15:5-6; Matthew 16:13-17, Joshua 6:1 -2
– The vision is spiritual.
– If we do not catch the vision, we will perish. If we catch the vision, we will enjoy life.
– The vision we catch for our life is not visual, it’s supernatural.
– God says do not look at the natural.
– Looking at something means we purposely see it.
– God calls us to see the unseen.
– We do not walk by what we see with our natural eyes.
– Because we see what is not seen, is faith.
– Vision means seeing with our spiritual eyes.
– We can see things without using our natural eyes. That’s what it takes to catch the vision from God.
– In order to catch the vision, it requires a revelation from God.
-mPeter got a revelation because something was revealed by God.
– Have to spend time with God.
– We have to see what God tells us.
– We have to believe.
– God does not want us to see what the world is trying to show us. He wants us to see the light in the darkness, see the provision, see the healing, see the grace and mercy.