Building A Foundation of Faith

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Matthew 1:24-27; Romans 10:11; Luke 8:49-50; Acts 20:17-24; 2 Corinthians 4:13 (Referencing Psalm 116:10)
– What is different about our houses is the foundation.
– Storms of life hit both of the houses.
– We can’t be just using the Word to show we have knowledge.
– Whether or not we are standing in faith only shows in the storm.
– Foundations prove themselves in storms.
– The Word has to be first in your life.  It must be an essential part in each day.
– Our spirit man must be fed.
– We cannot continue to live off of a Word we heard last year. We must continue to feed our Spirit.
– When the foundation is built, certain things become second nature.
– We must hear and hear the Word.
– We cannot be faith giants without putting the time in.
– We have to hear the Word and do the Word.
– In order to take Jesus at His Word you have to have a foundation of faith.
– Nothing will move you if you have a foundation of faith.
– We have to speak the Word.
– When you have a foundation of faith, you don’t just believe, hear, and do, you speak.
– Words were not just meant to communicate, they were made to create.