Building A Foundation of Faith (Part 6)

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James 1:2-4; Hebrews 11; Romans 5:3-5; Proverbs 24:10; Job 23:10, 42:5
– We need to learn how to allow adversity to strengthen our faith.
– It’s not the testing only that brings the patience, it’s how you take the test.
– Adversity is a revealer. It reveals where we are in faith.
– God uses adversity to accomplish His will.
– Many times adversity will drive us back to the will of God.
– He also uses it to develop the character of Christ.
– Suffering precedes the resurrection.
– Adversity is God’s way of getting our attention.
– Adversity encourages us to lean on God’s strength.
– Adversity purifies our faith.
– Adversity points us towards God.
– We will keep our integrity if we allow adversity to teach us.
– If we take adversity the right way, it will cause us to see God.
– Adversity is not here to destroy us – it’s here to build us up.
– “Lord, do not let the pain I am going through be wasted.”