Building A Foundation of Faith (Part 5)

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“What Happens When Our Mountains Don’t Move”
Mark 11:20-26; Hebrews 12
-If mountains aren’t moving, we need to ask ourselves the question, are we having faith? Are we walking in love? Faith works by love.
– Do we have doubt? We have to guard our hearts against the infiltration of doubt.
– Many times our mountains aren’t moving is because we are not speaking to it.
– Once we say something we need to believe what we say.
– Once we believe a thing, that thing becomes settled in us
– We need to acknowledge the sin that is in our life.
– We need to acknowledge that God’s will is sovereign.
– Could be that God has something better for us that we are not ready to receive.
– We need to remember the importance of persistence. Keep praying.  Faith looks funny.
– Keep trusting God. Absolute confidence that God will not fail
– Ask God to open our eyes.
– Stay thankful. A thankful spirit and an open heart leaves you open to receive from God at any moment.
– Don’t despair.
– Resistance always makes us stronger.