Building A Foundation of Faith (Part 4)

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Mark 11:2-26; Matthew 6:33
– We have to start from a position of faith.
– The first thing we have to do is say something.
– Believers speak. We cannot be a silent believer.
– We want to up our gain, but we need to up our game.
– It’s not okay to have doubt if you want to move mountains.
– You can’t hope for the best AND prepare for the worse.
– We have to believe when we pray.
– We have to take I exams. Examine ourselves.
– The real mountains in our lives are those things that are blocking our view from seeing God.
– In order to be added to, we have to have something.
– If we can’t see the King, we won’t see the Kingdom,
– The Kingdom draws things to us.
– A lot of times we look at our mountains.
– Our mountains are our additions.
– What is keeping us from seeing the King?