Building A Foundation of Faith (Part 2)

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Genesis 12:1-5; 11:27-32, 12: 10-16; 13:1-2,5-12,14-18; Romans 4:16; Galatians 3:9,13-14,29

– Our minds must be renewed. It is our renewed minds that adhere to the Word of God.
– God called Abraham out, from, and unto.
– God did not save us so we can stay right where we are.
– God is calling us out of something and unto something else.
– Complacency and faith don’t mix.
– Just because there’s a delay in our journey doesn’t mean God’s command is no longer valid.
– God is always trying to get things to us. Abraham did not lose anything.
– Abram resolved the conflict after God blessed them both and strife broke out.
– God calls us to leave the familiar.
– Faith requires a willingness to change.
– God is working on our willingness and obedience.
– We cannot stay where we are and more onward and upward with God.
– We can’t be afraid of losing our stuff to God.
– Wherever God is calling us to is better than where we are.
– If we are a faith person, we are a grace person.