Behold the Heart of God

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(Matthew 8:1-10,14-17)
– We should be worshipping God in the midst of ___________________.
– The leper worshipped God anyway.
– Worship is anything you and I do that God is worth it, acknowledging what He did and doing it excellently.
– Immediately when Jesus was about the servant, His response He will come.
– There are times when Jesus will do things for us even when we don’t ask Him.
– The leper worshipped.  We should not wait until we are healed.
– We should have faith.  The centurion had faith, took Jesus at His Word.
– Jesus responded to the leper’s worship and the centurion’s faith.
– Jesus bestowed grace, undeserved favor upon Peter’s mother-in-law.
– Jesus will often deal with us in a way that is most meaningful to us.
– There is no problem that is too small for God to take care of.