Be Ready

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Matthew 25:1-13; 24:36,42-44; Numbers 14:37-45; Acts 12:5-16
– Being ready when Jesus returns. No one knows the day or the hour.
– Be ready when God moves in our situation.
– When God starts to open doors, will you be ready?
– Every one of us is personally responsible for ourselves.
– When God moves in our lives, it may not be at our convenience.
– We need a power source to generate light. We need the oil of the Holy Ghost in order that our lamps would be lit.
– The lamps are our lives. The oil is the Holy Spirit.
– We can’t give away our oil to people who have the same opportunity to get it.
– Gaining oil requires sacrifice.
– People can drain us if we let them.
– If we allow people to take our oil, there will be none left for neither of you.
– We are personally responsible for our own oil supply. 
– The God who supplies the oil will give it to you freely.
– We can have some oil. We can be low on oil, but we cannot go as far as someone whose tank is full.
– In order to do what God has called you to do, you need to be full of oil.
– When Jesus shows up, He takes the ones who are ready.  Those who were not ready, the door was shut.
– There was a time for the children of Israel to go.
– God is going to move in our lives we need to be ready. Our lamps need to be filled.
– Being ready is not as easy as it appears.  We need the help of God.
– The believers were praying and still almost missed Peter knocking.
– Don’t quench the Holy Spirit.
– Keep spending time with God, keep giving. keep praying, keep meditating on the word.