And You Said Yes

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(Isaiah 30:15-18,1-3; Genesis 16:6)
– The people took advice from everybody else, except the Word of God.
– They were rebellious and because of that sorrow awaited them.
– God wants us to return to Him and rest.
– When things get hard, we tend to run instead of obeying.
– We can run all we want, but we will still be God’s child.
– When we return and submit, we will be saved and delivered.
– When we return and submit, there is some exalting coming our way.
– God said in quietness He will restore.
– The devil wants to distract us and make noise.
– God will not speak in the midst of our fire.
– The world is trying to create noise and chaos in our life.  We need to hear from God.  We need quietness to do so.
– In confidence (absolute faith that He will not fail you) is where we need to be with God.
– God did not call us to be a knower, He called us to be a believer.
– We can believe without knowing.
– The people said no, after God told them what to do, but we have been given the chance to say YES.