After the Resurrection

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John 20:11-29, 21:1-14 ; Mark 15:43; Isaiah 51:12; Luke 24:13-32
– No improvisation with angels, say what the Lord says.
– We need to crave Jesus, remember Joseph of Arimathea.
– One of the first things Jesus did after the resurrection was comfort someone when they were sad.
– Jesus knows everything, but He still asks questions.
– After speaking to sorrow, Jesus then spoke to confusion.
– Jesus speaks peace to those who are fearful.
– Jesus came back 8 days later just for Thomas. God gives us special attention.
– We have a God who is interested in giving us a new beginning.
– Sometimes we’re on the wrong side of things; we just need to change sides.
– Jesus satisfied their need. They went from nothing to more than enough.
– We have a God whose kind.