A Study of the Book of Malachi (Chapter 4)

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Summary of Chapters 1-3.
– God confronts and restores.
– Give God our best, always.
– In order to give your best it will always cost you something.  There is a price to pay.
– God confronted and was dissatisfied with people because they were giving him the broke down animals and keeping the ones of value for themselves.
– God said if we are not faithful in our human relationships, we will not be faithful in our spiritual relationship, our relationship with Him.
– When we start being lax in one area, it can spill over to other area.
– God loves giving.  We should be giving.  Son’t block your blessing by being cheap.
– God is listening but He is also watching your answer.
– We have to come to God while have the chance.  The day will come when all will be burned up.
– You will have the best kind of life when you live God’s kind of life.
– For those who fear the Lord’s name will be made free and go free.
– Malachi told the people to remember the law and the prophets, because God would not speak for 400 years.
– In modern day, we need know Jesus Christ and Him crucified.