A Study of the Book of Malachi (Chapter 1)

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Chapter 1:1-5, Israel, Beloved of God
(Malachi – My Messenger.  The Book of Confrontation and Restoration)
– If we are going to confront, restoration must be a part of it.
– vs. 1 and 2, God starts off with “I have always loved you. Polluted Offerings, v.6-14
v.6-8, A son honors his father and a servant respects his master.  Where is God’s honor if He is both Father and Master.
Leviticus 1:3 – The sacrifices that were made were with animals that we blind, stolen, lame and sick.
– Whatever we give to God must mean something to us.
– Are we giving God something that cost us nothing?
– God’s looking for what it costs you.