A Study of Galatians, Chapter 6:6-18 (Conclusion)

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“Be Generous and Do Good” (v. 6-10)
-Those that are taught should share what they have with those we teach.
(1 Timothy 5:17 NLT, 1 Corinthians 9:7-10)
-Giving is a heart condition.
-If you don’t give, you are not sowing, and if you’re not sowing, you will not reap.
-If you don’t have enough, give what you don’t have enough of and it will turn into abundance.
-If we are doing good, we need to keep doing good.  At just the right time, God will show up.
“Glory only in the cross” (v. 11-15)
-We have to decide who we want praise from.
-We need to share from the Word of God, the WORD of God.  Not preaching to make people comfortable.
-Real spiritual growth is when worldly interests are no longer your own.
“Blessing and a Plea” (v.16-18)