A Rude Awakening

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Judges 6:25-30
– God is handing out faith and commitment test to the Body of Christ.
– Gideon’s test was to pull down the altars of the false god.
– God’s people were worshipping a bull, strong and might, associated with prostitution. Baal.  Asherah, Baal’s mistress, sexuality, male prostitution.
– Anything that is trying to replace God has to be pulled down, torn down and cut down before change
can be made.
– People know that things need to be changed, but don’t know God is the author of that change.
– We may have to pull down the altars of others in our lives.
– We carefully prepare and do things for God.  God has already told you what He wants to do in you and through you in the earth.
– What is God calling you to get rid of?   Those things have to get out of the way first.
– People of God wanted to kill Gideon because he pulled down the altars of Baal.
– The thing that God is calling us to do to please Him are going to inflame the passions of men.