A Divine Reset

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Luke 5:1-7; 2 Chronicles 20:17

-2021 has to pay for 2020.

– We need to stop tying the will of God to our earthly calendar.

– The idea that God waits until January 1st to do a new thing is man-made.

– Divine reset is not tied to any specific time of the year.

– When circuits get overloaded, they trip, so you might have to reset it. #selahmoment

– Things that are broken need to be reset. Things that have no power have to be reset.

– A new year brings people looking for new things.

– Sometimes we don’t need something new,  we simply need to throw our nets back in again.

– Reset is getting back in position, based on God’s instructions.

– If it is not done with God’s instruction it has no power.

– The difference in making a change is doing it with God’s instruction.

– God has no obligation to back up something He has not promised.

– Power does not come from the calendar, it comes from God.

– The reset is available if we avail ourselves.

– Our belief without a Word is devoid of power.

– We have a specified place that God wants us to be.

– Our specified place is following God.

– Praise took a hit in 2020. Worship took a hit too. But they are a part of our specified place.

– Perseverance does not mean to keep doing things in our own strength.

– Nevertheless Master, key words to being reset.

– A divine reset is not a new year’s message, not just for 2020, or just for 2021, this is an eternal one.

– Everything coming in our life was not caused by 2020.  We have been out of position for a long time.