A Bowl of Stew

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Genesis 25:27-34, Hebrews12: 15-17; 1 John 2:16; 2 Samuel 24:18-24
– When we exaggerate it opens up the door to justifying whatever we need to do to overcome that need.
– If we don’t take our relationship with God seriously we are being profane, as Esau did with his birthright.
” If we don’t properly value what we have we may make a bad trade.
– Showing thanks shows that you have placed value on what was given.
-When we are thankful, we place value on what we have.
– We need to value our peace so much, in order that we don’t give it away with our quick temper.
– We have to stop trading for a bowl of stew.
– Our actions can greatly affect other people which is why we need to make the right decisions.
– We have to know the price and consider will we trade it for a bowl of stew.
-We don’t take the time to value what we have.
– Don’t sell the valuable thing we have on the cheap.