Jun 10, 2020
Building A Foundation of Faith (Part 3)
Series: Bible Study
  • Jun 10, 2020Building A Foundation of Faith (Part 3)
    Jun 10, 2020
    Building A Foundation of Faith (Part 3)
    Series: Bible Study
  • Jun 3, 2020Building A Foundation of Faith (Part 2)
    Jun 3, 2020
    Building A Foundation of Faith (Part 2)
    Series: Bible Study

    Genesis 12:1-5; 11:27-32, 12: 10-16; 13:1-2,5-12,14-18; Romans 4:16; Galatians 3:9,13-14,29

    - Our minds must be renewed. It is our renewed minds that adhere to the Word of God.
    - God called Abraham out, from, and unto.
    - God did not save us so we can stay right where we are.
    - God is calling us out of something and unto something else.
    - Complacency and faith don't mix.
    - Just because there's a delay in our journey doesn't mean God's command is no longer valid.
    - God is always trying to get things to us. Abraham did not lose anything.
    - Abram resolved the conflict after God blessed them both and strife broke out.
    - God calls us to leave the familiar.
    - Faith requires a willingness to change.
    - God is working on our willingness and obedience.
    - We cannot stay where we are and more onward and upward with God.
    - We can't be afraid of losing our stuff to God.
    - Wherever God is calling us to is better than where we are.
    - If we are a faith person, we are a grace person.


  • May 27, 2020Building A Foundation of Faith
    May 27, 2020
    Building A Foundation of Faith
    Series: Bible Study

    Matthew 1:24-27; Romans 10:11; Luke 8:49-50; Acts 20:17-24; 2 Corinthians 4:13 (Referencing Psalm 116:10)
    - What is different about our houses is the foundation.
    - Storms of life hit both of the houses.
    - We can't be just using the Word to show we have knowledge.
    - Whether or not we are standing in faith only shows in the storm.
    - Foundations prove themselves in storms.
    - The Word has to be first in your life.  It must be an essential part in each day.
    - Our spirit man must be fed.
    - We cannot continue to live off of a Word we heard last year. We must continue to feed our Spirit.
    - When the foundation is built, certain things become second nature.
    - We must hear and hear the Word.
    - We cannot be faith giants without putting the time in.
    - We have to hear the Word and do the Word.
    - In order to take Jesus at His Word you have to have a foundation of faith.
    - Nothing will move you if you have a foundation of faith.
    - We have to speak the Word.
    - When you have a foundation of faith, you don't just believe, hear, and do, you speak.
    - Words were not just meant to communicate, they were made to create.

  • May 20, 2020Don’t Overdo It
    May 20, 2020
    Don’t Overdo It
    Series: Bible Study

    Luke 6:1-5; Deuteronomy 23:24-25; 1 Samuel 21:1-6
    - If we get too complicated or sophisticated we may lose God.
    - God is both simple and amazing.
    - It's not about being technical with what God says, it's about walking in love.
    - It's not about knowing Scripture, it's about rightly dividing it.  God wants us to be discerning not
    - The purpose of the Sabbath was not just about refraining from work, but to worship God.
    - We may not get the results we want, because we may not be walking in love.  We may be overdoing it.
    - In simplicity comes the power.

  • Apr 29, 2020Guard Your Heart
    Apr 29, 2020
    Guard Your Heart
    Series: Bible Study
    Hebrews 12:15, Matthew 12: 22-28; Proverbs 14:30, James 3:14-15; Ephesians 4:31-32; 1 Corinthians 13:4-8
    - We get offended far too often.
    - Taking an offense causes division,
    - If the poison is inside of us, it hurts us more than the other person.
    - The enemy tries his best to use bitterness, envy and jealousy,
    - God wants us to be together.
    - The struggle cannot be won alone.
    - The devil is trying to poison our soul- our mind, body and emotions to cause division.
    - The more we walk in love, the less we will be offended.
    - Love compels us to do something we don't feel like doing.
    - Bitterness and resentment is self defeating.
    - Bitterness and resentment can aggravate and cause physical ailments
    - Bitterness gets in and relationships will suffer.
    - No one can have peace with bitterness in their heart.
    - Envy, jealousy and wrath is like rottenness to the bones.
    - There needs to be a new you coming out of this pandemic.
    - We need to get rid of all bitterness, rage, anger and every form of malice.
    - Love does not keep a record of wrongs.
    - If we truly have the love of Jesus in our heart, we will not let bitterness take hold.
  • Apr 22, 2020Set Apart
    Apr 22, 2020
    Set Apart
    Series: Bible Study
    John 17:17, 15:6; Ephesians 5:24, Exodus 8:20-24, 9:1 -6,25-24,11:6-7,15:3; Jeremiah 1:5, 17:7-8; Isaiah 48:17; Genesis 26:1-2,6
    - What sets us apart as Christians is the Truth.
    - God says we are set apart, how dare we say anything else.
    - If God says He chose us, that makes us chosen.
    - We cannot stay and sulk - we have to stay and sow where we are.
    - God taught Isaac how to prosper in the midst of a famine.
    - We only need one like.
    - God anoints our head with oil. That means we are treated like an honored guest.
    How do we live set apart?
    - Contend for the faith.
    -The Word of God sets us apart.

  • Apr 16, 2020Answering the Bell
    Apr 16, 2020
    Answering the Bell
    Series: Bible Study
    Matthew 25:35-40, Proverbs 18:2; James 1:27, Isaiah 1:10-17; Psalm 146:9
    - We have to be careful in adopting the language of the world.
    - Something is wrong with "social distancing."  There is nothing social about distancing yourself.
    - What we are doing is anti-social.
    - We are being told to practice social distancing.  Anything we practice we get better at.
    - Follow the protocol of the science, but do not allow yourself to get better at social distancing.
    - We won't know how good we have become at social distancing until God puts us in a situation not to.
    - We cannot meet the needs of the least of these if we become good at social distancing.
    - There is nothing normal about distancing yourself from other human beings.
  • Apr 8, 2020Looking Unto Jesus
    Apr 8, 2020
    Looking Unto Jesus
    Series: Bible Study
    - True gratitude expresses itself in generosity.
    - When we are so grateful that God has been merciful unto us, we are so willing to give it to somebody else.
    - There is no place for shorthand when it comes to the word of God.
    - We tend to romanticize the cross.
    - The cross represented the ultimate in shame.
    - We need to work on our endurance as good soldiers.
    - If we don't consider what Jesus has done, we will be discouraged and faint in our sores.
    - When Ziklag is burning you have to encourage yourself in the Lord.
  • Apr 1, 2020Catching the Vision
    Apr 1, 2020
    Catching the Vision
    Series: Bible Study
    Proverbs 29:18;  2 Corinthians 4:18, 5:7; Genesis 13:14-16,15:5-6; Matthew 16:13-17, Joshua 6:1 -2
    - The vision is spiritual.
    - If we do not catch the vision, we will perish. If we catch the vision, we will enjoy life.
    - The vision we catch for our life is not visual, it's supernatural.
    - God says do not look at the natural.
    - Looking at something means we purposely see it.
    - God calls us to see the unseen.
    - We do not walk by what we see with our natural eyes.
    - Because we see what is not seen, is faith.
    - Vision means seeing with our spiritual eyes.
    - We can see things without using our natural eyes. That's what it takes to catch the vision from God.
    - In order to catch the vision, it requires a revelation from God.
    -mPeter got a revelation because something was revealed by God.
    - Have to spend time with God.
    - We have to see what God tells us.
    - We have to believe.
    - God does not want us to see what the world is trying to show us. He wants us to see the light in the darkness, see the provision, see the healing, see the grace and mercy.
  • Mar 25, 2020Redeeming the Time
    Mar 25, 2020
    Redeeming the Time
    Series: Bible Study

    Ephesians 5:15-17; James 4:13-15; Proverbs 27:1; Luke 12:16-21
    - Redeem - Buy up to rescue from loss - regain possession of it.
    - We need to regain possession of the time. We have allowed time to get away from us.
    - This is an opportunity to consider how we spend our time.
    - Some things we will discover that we can do without.
    - Time is more valuable than mommy. We can spend money and get it back. We cannot spend time and get time back.
    - The One who gives us time is the One we should look to for answers on how to spend our time.
    - The One who made us is the One who can fix us.
    - If we are going to make most use of our time, we need to ask God.
    - The more we have of something, the harder the decisions are.
    - The rich fool did not bother to ask God what he should do with his time.