Dec 27, 2020
Saved From Our Sins
Series: General

Matthew 1:18-21

- What we do affects other people.

- When we are in the midst of a thing, God appears and speaks right unto the heart of the matter.

- Jesus is the only One who can save us from our sins.

- We cannot play hide and seek with God. He knows where we are and He will always find us.

- We cannot be so quick to condemn something or someone because we don't understand.

  • Dec 27, 2020Saved From Our Sins
    Dec 27, 2020
    Saved From Our Sins
    Series: General

    Matthew 1:18-21

    - What we do affects other people.

    - When we are in the midst of a thing, God appears and speaks right unto the heart of the matter.

    - Jesus is the only One who can save us from our sins.

    - We cannot play hide and seek with God. He knows where we are and He will always find us.

    - We cannot be so quick to condemn something or someone because we don't understand.

  • Dec 20, 2020Occupying the Silence
    Dec 20, 2020
    Occupying the Silence
    Series: General

    Hebrews 1:1-2, 11:6; Ecclesiastes 5:3; Romans 4:16-18; Mark 11:24; Luke 5:17-18, 25-26

    - Speak only if you improve the silence.

    - Filling the silence often reveals a lack of confidence or over-confidence.

    - Self-assuredness is always measured.

    - If God has not said He will do it, He is under no obligation to perform it.

    - What God thinks is in no comparison to what you think.

    - God chose a strange way to save the world. It caused people to stumble in their belief.

    - When we don't believe, we are actually working against God.

    - Without any reason to do so, we hope. We believe. God honors that.

    - If we have a believing problem we will not get to receiving.

    - Believing and receiving are connected.

    - We cannot improve upon God ordained silence.

    - God operates on an entirely different level.

    - Believe God in the midst of the silence.

    - Fill the silence with faith. Fill the silence with belief. Fill the silence with your confession.

    - The power of God is present, but if you do not believe nothing will change.


    - The best way to occupy the silence is with wisdom.


  • Dec 19, 2020A Searching Love
    Dec 19, 2020
    A Searching Love
    Series: General
    Luke 19:10, 15:3-9; 2 Chronicles 16:9; Acts 1:8
    - Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost, the relationship, the peace, the joy, the hope, the authority. All that and more.
    - God is here to lash His love on us.
    - God never stops searching for us, even if we create the mess.
    - There are too many people who profess the love of God and do not display it in the searching.
    - We don't need to go looking to search out need. We can start right where we are.
    - We need to go and be what we need others to be.
    - The searching love is inside of us.
    - People need to know that they are worth the effort.
  • Dec 16, 2020The Prayerful Expectancy of Help
    Dec 16, 2020
    The Prayerful Expectancy of Help
    Series: Bible Study

    Luke 2:25-38

    - Expectancy is thinking or hoping that something good is about to happen.

    - God wants to speak to us more than we want to listen.

    - We don't have to be in a special category in order for God to share things with us that He is not sharing with anyone else.

    - When we are committed to God we recognize Jesus when He comes.

    - Jesus is the personification of God's salvation.

    - Whoever you say Jesus is, will declare your rise or your fall.

    - Our thoughts, our heart is revealed as to how we receive Jesus.

  • Dec 9, 2020Christmas Reflections
    Dec 9, 2020
    Christmas Reflections
    Series: Bible Study

    Isaiah 9:6-7; Psalm 68:19; Luke 4:5-8; Philippians 2:5-7; John 1:1-3,14,11-12

    - Before things come to be, they are.

    - The child that was born is the humanity of God. The Son given is His divinity.

    - Whatever God has for us, is ours.  We are the ones who give it away.

    - A man (Adam) gave things away, a man (Jesus) had to be born to take it back.

    - God gives power to those that receive,

    - Jesus is given as a gift. But if we do not receive it, it doesn't matter.

  • Dec 6, 2020Direct Access To Heaven
    Dec 6, 2020
    Direct Access To Heaven
    Series: General
    John 1:23-28,20; 2 Kings 7:1-2,17; Hebrews 10:19-22; Luke 2:8-15
    - The testimony of the world is not ours.
    - We are not better than anyone else in the world, but we are in a better situation because we are people of God.
    - We have direct access to God. No intermediary is necessary. God loves us dearly.
    - We need to start asking God for the things He revealed to us.
    - We cannot scoff at the Word of God when it is revealed. We need to have the right spirit.
    - We don't have to wait on anything or anybody. We have direct access to God.
    - We need to go before God and receive.
    - There is a grace to help us in our time of need.
    - Heaven is speaking to earth like never before, because we have direct access.
  • Nov 29, 2020Getting To A Place of Power
    Nov 29, 2020
    Getting To A Place of Power
    Series: General
    Psalm 51:10; Genesis 4:4-7; Numbers 13:30, 14:6-8,24; Hebrews 4:16; Joshua 14:6-12
    - We all need 'Nathans" in our life.
    - David drifted away. Sudden movements that overtime create distance.
    - God accepted Abel's offering but did not accept Cain's. Cain did not have the right spirit.
    - The right spirit will create intimacy between us and God.
    - God is not fooled by what is going on on the surface.
    - The inside must be made clean in order for the outside to work.
    - Right now the battle is not for ownership, it's for possession. It's already yours!
    - If we don't have the right spirit we cannot approach God in the right way.
    - If our heart is right, it is a lasting strength and power.
    - Rightness of spirit gives us intimacy, it gives us knowledge of what is to come, it gives us strength and power.
    - A right spirit differentiates us from others, even in the body of Christ.
  • Nov 25, 2020I Need A Blessing, Part 5 (The Blessing)
    Nov 25, 2020
    I Need A Blessing, Part 5 (The Blessing)
    Series: Bible Study

    Matthew 14:19-21; Mark 6:42; Luke 12:13-21; Psalm 91:16; John 10:10, 6:11-13; 2 Samuel 12:7-8

    - Jesus takes what we give Him and multiplies it.

    - If we hold onto what we have, we give God nothing to work with.

    - People would rather hold on to what they have, than giving it to God.

    - The way to get from less to more, is to give what you have.

    - We need to learn to be rich toward God.

    - God wants to do things in the earth, but He needs His people to get in line with

    His plan.

    - God wants to satisfy us.

    - We need to set the bar of hope higher.

    - God gives us as much as we want.

  • Nov 22, 2020Of Things To Come
    Nov 22, 2020
    Of Things To Come
    Series: General

    John 16:12-13, 14:17,26, 17:17; Exodus 10; Genesis 18:1-8,17-21, 24:12-15; Isaiah 45:11, 46:10, 65:24

    - It's advantageous that the Spirit comes.  The Word of God is a separator.

    - We never just want to be separated from something (separated from the world), we want to be separated to something.  Separated to the peace, joy, triumph of God.

    - God will tell us of things to come so that we can intercede.

    - Once Abraham was told of things to come, he interceded.

    - God does not tell some of things to come because they don't know what to do. Or they will use it the wrong way.  God wants to share His plans with us.

    - We are in a better position than Abraham.  We have better promises.

    - If we don't press into the advantage, we are going to miss out on what God is doing or what is to come.

    - God reveals things unto us.

    - God says if we want to know God's will concerning our life, ask Him.

    - Only God declares the end from the beginning,

    - God will speak to you anywhere, anytime. But how much He speaks is up to us. We have to allow Him access.

    - While we are yet speaking, God answers.  Even if we don't speak, He answers.  God wants us to know things.

  • Nov 18, 2020I Need A Blessing, Part 4 (The Surrender)
    Nov 18, 2020
    I Need A Blessing, Part 4 (The Surrender)
    Series: Bible Study

    Matthew 14:16-18; Psalm 116:12; Luke 6:38, Luke 5:1-7; Mark 6:38-39; Exodus 4:1-5

    - We need to render unto God. Surrender what we have to Him.

    - We can never get to the place of victory without surrendering.

    -In order to hold onto something it requires a closed hand.

    - A closed hand can't receive.

    - The receiving position is the giving position.

    - When we let go of stuff, God turns around and gives you more.

    - Whatever you plant, you will get back.

    - Whatever it is that we need, we need to surrender that to God.

    - The key to receiving a blessing is letting go.

    - God makes sure we sit on green grass.

    - If we would simply let go of what we have, there will be no question that God is with us.

    -It doesn't matter what we give to God, it only matters if it is surrendered.