I Need A Blessing, Part 1 (The Example)

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Matthew 14:13-21, Mark 6:31-32, Luke 9:10-11

– Sometimes we get in the way and block the blessings in our life.

– Unforgiveness is a great blocking blesser.

– Doubt and unbelief is another blocking blesser.

– Jesus wanted to be alone. He was tired, he was sad, he was hungry and a huge crowd followed him.

– Sympathy keeps on going, compassion stops and helps.

– We are blessed when we imitate God.

– God looks at us with a heart of compassion and a heart of mercy.

– We think in terms of what works for us.

– Problems don’t come at your convenience.  They show up announced, uninvited.

– We now have the ability to ward people off.

– As long as we live off of convenience, we are going to miss operating with God’s compassion.

– We can’t do “me”. We have to do “Jesus.”

– We have to stay connected to God.