Becoming You

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Psalm 32:8, 100:3, 119:73; Ephesians 2:10; Isaiah 64:8; Luke 22:21

– God has created you for a purpose.  To bring Him glory, honor and praise. 

– Our person is unique. Our purpose is unique.

– Trouble comes when we try to do what God has not created us to do.

– We spend more time looking at people than looking at Jesus.

– If we keep our eyes on Jesus we will be able to discern the real from the fake.

– We look at people too much and we listen to people too much.

– When we look at people too much we can stray off the path.

– We don’t need to be made, we just need to become.

– We are the work of God’s hands.

– We have to stay on God’s wheel.

– There are too many that stay on the treadmill instead of the potter’s wheel.

– Some of us are running on a hamster wheel.  A wheel that is going nowhere.

– You are going to become you in the hands of the potter.

– A lot of us live in a place called supposed to.

– We have to decide whether we’re going to live in a place called supposed to or a place called purpose.

– The purpose of God is more linked to what we want to do rather than the notion of what we’re supposed to do.

– Stop paying so much attention to the things we’re supposed to do, and look at what you want to do. You will find God’s purpose much quicker.

– Time is short. We need to do what fulfills us as a person. Become the you God wants you to be.

– Stop playing a role in a play that God didn’t write.

– Get more connected to God and stay connected if we are to become who are supposed to be.

– As we reject the idea of supposed to, and look at Jesus, we need to realize that people will not like who you are becoming. Not everyone will appreciate it, support it or understand you. But that’s okay.

people’s expectations.

– We need to shed the weight of other people’s opinions.

– Stop worrying about other people’s opinions of you, especially when they try to hinder you.

– Before anybody had an opinion of you, God had a purpose for you.

– When we get to that point of “becoming” the enemy desires to sift us as wheat.

– When we come to a place of promise, we come into our purpose, we come into the land of battle.

– Do not be discouraged, Jesus is praying for you.