A Place Called Rest

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– Unrest- state of dissatisfaction, of agitation.  There is a rest for the people of God.
– If we know God only because of what He does, then we know His acts. If we know God by His character, then we know His ways.
– If we know God’s ways, we won’t get so caught up in His acts- when He doesn’t.
– If we can hold onto knowing God by His ways, it will sustain us until we see His acts.
– He that comes to God MUST believe.   Unbelief takes us away from God.
– When we know about God nothing can make us doubt Him.
– We enter into the rest by believing.
– We must not allow ourselves to get comfortable with our unbelief.
– Guilt, shame, condemnation are all designed by the enemy to keep the people of God out of rest.
– Rest is not inactivity. It’s ceasing from our own work.